Monday, September 27, 2010

they've done it again!

My husband sent in the paperwork for approval on a second home loan...yikes! We are still trying to sell the home we are in, but we found a home for a steal fairly close to where Chris works so we are literally minutes away from making an offer. It is sort of exciting thinking about the next place and making it our home. I've enjoyed the home we have had and making it unique and fixing it up. Its sort of sad to think we put so much effort into it and will most likely not get back what we have put into it, people are just not buying homes right now! But on the other hand, I've missed being with Chris daily and well this home that we are looking at has at least 10 foot ceilings! also needs major work in the bathrooms and kitchen...oh boy.

As I was browsing Anthropologie the other day I came across this door knocker...I love it! Maybe if we get this next house we can spring a few extra bucks towards this thing:-). Anthropologie has figured out how to make me broke!

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