Thursday, April 15, 2010

new project

First of all I apologize for the picture quality. This is the desk I found up near my husband's new townhouse. I had his friend snag it for me. Its sort of hideous right now. I like the yellow, but not that particular hue. The gold lines around it are gross and brownish and it generally needs to be scrubbed. Initially, since I had only seen this thing from a distance I thought I would have to replace the hardware, but it turns out the hardware is really spectacular. I will go out today and look at some paint choices. I kind of want to be bold but I don't want that to limit my placement of this thing.

I love that it fits in the alcove in my bedroom, I love to write before I go to sleep, but I may end up putting this in another room if we *move.* That's right, we might be moving to be closer to Chris' job, so we can save about 1000 bucks a month on his rent and to not be so far apart during the week. Not too thrilled about moving since the closer we get to his new job the more expensive real estate gets. I love how much house we got for so little. Well, no more updates to the walls for me for a while, only on accessories. I'll post more on this desk later!

elle decor

Every month when my Elle Decor magazine arrives in the mail, I flip through excitedly just looking at the pictures. I save the articles and a more thorough inspection later when I have time. I do have a one year old afterall! Well, weeks later this is what I have discovered. Gold mirrors, gold frames, gold chairs...I've been on a gold kick for a while now, just haven't really incorporated it just yet. Also, dark walls, pops of yellow, vibrant flowers, eclectic art. I love seeing how the pros do it before I settle on a way to do it myself! I love the rug in the bottom picture as well. It sort of reminds me of an Anthropologie rug I probably won't be able to afford...its nice to dream about it though.


Ok so here are a few blossoms from our yard...dandelions are not blossoms but they are pretty!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

some kind of therapy

Ok, so first photo(both are from Apartment Therapy btw), I love how natural, modern and masculine this space is. I need to incorporate some of that feel into the house.

The photo above is ok I guess, not exactly my style but what got my attention is the chandelier hanging near the floor. I'd totally do that if I didn't have a wild monkey child getting into everything. Maybe I'll do that when I'm old and gray and my grandchildren will say, "Grandma finally lost it!" Its so cool, whatever...

artwork that could work

This print is from I could use something like this in my livingroom...I wish the little old table came with it:-).

while I'm at it

So I had a full day of exploring Anthropologie's website again. These are images I keep coming back to, partly because I am redoing our bedroom and partly because they are super cool. The bed actually looks cool pushed almost against that wall. We don't have tall ceilings in our upstairs and we don't have enormous decorative windows, but I see some ideas I want to steal!

The bedding is soft and amazing looking. I have seen it in the store. I just don't want to pay full retail for it. I am not sure I have the patience to make my own version of it either. What a predicament!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

gosh darnit

So this is the color teal that I wanted our hallway to be. I have wanted that since I was about 17 years old and Anthropologie has gone and done it for a super cool knob display! Oh well, I am actually enjoying the flat khaki color we found on the mis-tint pile. But it made my heart flutter a bit. The bathroom and the livingroom are both way watered down verions of a teal or turquoise so I've had my fix.

The reason I am looking at knobs again is not for our dresser, just yet, but a desk! That's right a free desk I saw outside of my husband's new townhouse...I must explain, he is working far away now, but he still lives with us too:-). Anyway, his best friend picked it up for me. I wish I had a picture of it. Its coming home Sunday so you can see it after that, and then I'll have to pick a color to paint it and find some cute knobs:-). I'm so excited!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


These are some cheapo shelves from Ikea that are designed to hold art. Since my art collection right now is minimal, I have substituted thrift store and Walmart frames to get an idea of how it'll all look when I get my act together. I like it. Chris isn't sure of modern mixed with old furniture but I like the contrast:-).


This is the back of the house, well, partially. We will probably put in a deck and patio soon so I wanted a before picture. The yellows are so warm and cheerful!


Our garden went from this overgrown nightmare to the picture below, being tilled by Chris. We later built in beds and a little fence to keep the wild dog out:-) will be posted soon of the final result!

We kept the roses and the little clump of tulips. I can't wait to plant my 200 hundred plants!