Friday, June 24, 2011

pink flowers

I've been hard at work compiling things for my etsy shop...I know I know! There still isn't anything listed on there. Give me a couple more weeks please:-). I've been trying very hard to get caught up. My computer has some sort of virus that won't allow me to remove pics from my camera. I have to make Chris download all the pics and then send them to me. Needless to say its cramping my style. Time to move my work onto a Mac...but in the meantime I'm making lots of cute little flowers with handmade peonies in the works! I will post some pics soon, I just got the perfect fabric for them:-).


I finally had some time to make Keira some cute little navy blue linen bloomers. They are quite an inky blue and they are thick and soft. She loves them and everyone who has seen them loves them too. I like the versatility, she can either wear them as shorts or under a dress. I made my own pattern so they are original! I might make her another pair next week:-).


So I am sort of disappointed, by the time I realized Bride's magazine was featuring a photo from our Valentine's shoot they had already started taking them off the stands:(. Does anyone have a copy of the June issue of Bride's, I'll buy it off you! The picture was taken by Jodi Miller Photography and its the one of the cupcakes and birds and x's and o's made by Christina Main of Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe! Styling by me:-).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

fancy flower

My brother and sister-in-law are the amazing photographers behind Jodi Miller Photography, I'm proud to say. Recently they did some major rebranding to give their packaging, as well as their website, a more hand drawn, handmade kind of feel. They love working with clients who express themselves this way. And! They asked me to create some custome handmade lace flowers to coordinate with the awesome folios my brother created. So here are my humble flowers above with their newly designed packaging! Oh, and the sweet logo and drawings were done by the talented Bill Main!

Katie + John

Recently I made some decorations for a wedding that took place in Yorktown, VA. Here are some photos from that day. I made the burlap "Just Married" banner, the chair deorations, provided the desk/alterpiece and the very hard to see runner on top of it:-). All photos are Jodi Miller Photography!