Saturday, February 27, 2010

free people

Just some cute outfits from I went shopping today, not for cute outfits but for cute china plates at the thrift store. I spent maybe 10 dollars on them and I got quite a few. I need to take some pictures of them. I have been collecting old plates(saucer size) because I think they are beautiful but also for my future sister-in-law's wedding. I don't know if she will use them but that doesn't matter...I will use them! Someday.

Friday, February 26, 2010

a busy week

I made an attempt to blog yesterday and I had some technical difficulties. Wednesday we went up to Northern Virginia and I was hoping to do my annual Ikea shopping. That did not happen, maybe we will get there in the next few weeks. At least I'll have time to take more measurements!

I finally got my egg vase from West Elm, I love it, but it was not at all what I expected. Its really big! I got the crackled pale blue one and I will post a pic probably this weekend. Below are some items I have seen around. The vases are Urban Outfitters and boy do they make me want it to be spring already!

...these both look like a pain in the butt to clean though...

This is from's blog. These pom poms are similar to the tissue paper flowers I made for my wedding decorations. I was thinking about garlands for Keira's first birthday party coming up in April. I will tuck this away as inspiration.

Below is a photo from I actually have the issue that ran this article. Its about slipcovering. The fabric isn't exactly my taste, the drape is a bit "shabby chic" for me as well, but I love the execution! I think I may attempt something similar for our bedroom. In the meantime I should assemble an inspiration board.

I am so swamped that I really need to just start knocking off little projects at a time. I finally washed the fabric for my kitchen curtains. I am still undecided about the style, so I think I might just make up my own style. Maybe I'll start those tomorrow!

Monday, February 22, 2010

tea sandwiches

Egg salad sandwiches were a source of anxiety to my siblings and I when we were young. My sweet mother would pack them for our lunches that we would take to school. After a few hours sitting in a warm locker they turned into what we called "stinky sandwiches." To this day we still call them that. There was nothing worse than a smelly, warm pile of mushy sandwich to greet you and your friends at lunchtime! Ugh...

That being said, I hope that you can trust my judgement in posting on egg salad sandwiches. I wanted something yummy and filling for lunch and thought I'd get creative. To make a perfect egg salad follow these simple instructions:

*leave eggs out til they reach room temperature
*cover them with salted water and bring to a boil.
*time the eggs ten minutes after it reaches a boil
* drain hot water and rinse with cold, fill pot with cold water and ice for a few minutes
*the shells will come right off if you follow these steps

Egg salad primarily consists of mayo, eggs and salt and pepper. Below from the top and clockwise are some other options, use any or all: Parmesan cheese, curry powder, dijon mustard(or spicy brown), black pepper, salt, paprika, the center blob is mayo.

I rarely measure, I season to taste, other great options are fresh parsley, dill, and cayenne pepper. I also like tomato and sometimes some slices of bacon on mine! My sandwich shown was made with honey wheat bread, which is fantastic. Enjoy!

a new week

So a new week is here. So far I am working on my bedroom ideas, more to come on that soon and making a calendar. After Chris worked last night setting up the digital calendar in phtoshop I think I may do something a little more handmade. I still would like to use the template he is working on, but for the fridge I may do it all by hand! It's so exciting...except, let's see if it happens, I have a lot on my plate right now.

To add to my ever-growing list is a tree branch mobil with handmade birds. This particular one came from a nursery tour from Ohdeedoh. It was made for the daughter of an Urban Outfitters designer by his friends at Anthropologie, go figure, ofcourse I would like this! My first thought was to make this for Keira's room but her room is becoming quite crowded, I may put this in our bedroom. So I will lump this into my bedroom project. With not much pun intended, this is one way to feed two birds with one crumb, as opposed to killing two birds with one stone.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

homemade calendar inspiration

I bought the Butterflies & Insects Calendar from Cavallini & Co. a few months ago. I absolutely love it. It is great quality printing on great quality paper. Each month's sheet is on canvas-like paper and I even cut some of the art out and decoupaged it onto some cheap cnavases as art for my bedroom. I will post more on that another day.
Anyway, the side of my fridge next to the sink area in my kitchen is awfully bare. Many times while I am washing dishes I make plans and never know what days might work. If I hung a calendar there it would be super handy. Now, the only problem with it is a traditional calendar would be hard to hang and it could be splashed on when I put the wet dishes in the dish drain.

My plan is to make a (14x20") one sheet laminated calendar. I will post more on this as I begin to work on this project. Right now I have my hubby on the task of laying it all out in photoshop. I love having a handy hubby, who is willing to help me work on my crazy projects.

Friday, February 19, 2010

a bag a year

This is a not-so-good photo of a evening bag I made for my sister's birthday last year. I didn't finish it until a few months ago. I need to make more time to sew! And I need to get a good photographer. The bag is actually a really deep grape color with bronze hex beading. The strap is designed to be worn on the wrist or forearm, and yes, I designed it!

baking inspiration

This Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake from may get me out of my baking funk. However, it will only complicate my exercise and dieting funk. Visit for details and recipe!

James Coviello

New looks from James Coviello...

I love the tulip hem...

...and the Parisian glamour...

...this one screams "baby doll" but I love the print and the cardigan...

I would need an occasion for the one above...2 year wedding anniversary?

...almost makes me wish I still worked in an office, almost...

I'd love to wear this one to a wedding.

Fridays- I love you!

Its Friday! I don't have a Monday through Friday, 9-5 job in the traditional sense, but when the end of the week comes and my accounting classes are completed and my husband is home for the weekend, the adventures can begin!

I am just dying for some spring weather, with a foot of snow on the ground still, I fear its a long time coming. A formerly local artist, named Dolan Geiman, has created beautifully springtime art. Visit to learn more about him and enjoy the art below, its all by him!

These look like a project I'd like to attempt, no doubt with less amazing results, I need to look through my pile of "cool" junk...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

free shipping!

I was perusing West Elm and noticed this sweet little pale blue egg vase. Its 7 dollars on sale with free shipping right now! I just ordered one:-).


I had some recent inspiration to work on my bedroom. Last fall we bought a new-to-us dresser from an antique store nearby, I doubt we even spent 50 dollars on it. Since I was thrifty in my purchase I wonder if it would be ok to indulge a little in fixing it up. I am thinking a crisp wintery white, high gloss paint and one of these beautiful knob selections from Anthropologie. At 6-8 dollars a piece and 16 knobs I think I may have to resort to Home Depot.


I opened up the Anthropologie web page today and to my delight I saw myself wearing this's too cold now, but come April I may be sporting something similar!


I love these sweet little porcelain pumpkin bowls by Daniel Reynolds at the Manos Shop ( Designsponge* found them first, but at $122 each I think I will just dream about them:-)...