Monday, October 25, 2010


As I was browsing through pictures on my hard drive this evening the realization of moving has finally set in. There is nothing to distract me as the date rapidly approaches. We close on November 12th! This is exciting and sort of difficult for me. I've loved our first home and I have lots of great memories tied to it. I also made it how I wanted it, and the next house needs a lot of work for it to even closely resemble "home." I have a pile of inspiration for the next place and much more room to really try a lot of things. Below are some of those ideas that are now jumping around in my head!

Love the shelf...I have something sort of the old fan perched on old fan will work perfectly on my shelf!

Gosh, navy blue is going in somewhere, even if its the guest bedroom/library! I like the pops of color...its not too cheerful though...which I like!

I appreciate modern sensibility paired with plenty of vintage and antiques.

Love the shelf...white and navy blue, wood, schoolhouse pendant lighting...

The colors of this shirt, paired with navy blue? yes, please!

Teal for the back stairway to the kitchen...I'm thinking something really grand and bohemian for those dingy stairs!

Apparently we will have exposed brick in the kitchen, which I am excited about, but I also love this palette and the romantic furnishings in the bedroom...

Ok, I still need a dash of masculine, otherwise Chris might go crazy...this is how I envision it:-)

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