Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sweet details

I've been seeking out little details lately as I've been browsing blogs and such. I feel like when I am overwhelmed I look for something really big to make an impression on me and a lot of things slip by me. After this Saturday I will be done with my last major wedding for this year:-). And I am dying to get my etsy shop up and running. Here are few little items that are keeping me inspired-

This deconstructed lamp shade is by Sania Pell via decor8. I've been working on sort of similar strands of garland for this most recent wedding project. Not as random and precious as this, but similar, but what I like most is that she wrapped the wire frame with liberty fabrics.

These cool lanterns with bits of lace and such are a DIY dottie angel put together and was featured on sfgirlbybay. For some reason it reminds me of those little hats British people wear during the Christmas/New Years holidays. Such a fun way to use up scraps!

I discovered this sweet tea party set up on ohdeedoh. I guess those little placemats are hankies. I like the black lace one on the bottom right. I feel like making some table linens now...too bad I have about 50 more handmade flowers to make! Maybe next week!

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