Wednesday, May 11, 2011

true story

Last year at this time my husband got a new job, he moved about 2-3 hours away during the week and visited on the weekends. Last November we bought a foreclosure closer to his new job and moved. We never really got settled, never sold our original house and then in April we moved back! So needless to say life has been crazy! Also, I worked on a wedding, made a wedding dress, started decos for another wedding, and I am working on a pile of other projects. One of which is our bedroom. Chris and I converted our old office into our bedroom. It gives us much less space as a bedroom but our previous bedroom is giving us a whole lot more office space. Can't complain. So I've been drooling over ideas for the room. I think it looks cute as it is now(pics to come as soon as I charge my batteries), but I am missing a few pieces. Like a bed-

Love this one from Anthropologie!

Although, the hammock looks quite inviting for sleeping as well!

Ok, so maybe I am subconsciously looking for a way to relax...too much moving, I want to stay in one place!

Oh yeah, this pillow...I loathe the $198 price tag! So I think I might make my own version...right after I finish those wedding decorations!

all photos are Anthropologie

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