Friday, June 4, 2010


Every once in a while I like to arrange things and rearrange things. I move items around the house. That way they never get old and they are fresh and fun in a new space. Above is the green old dresser I got a while back for 30 bucks or so, maybe 50, I don't remember. It was a bargain anyway, as it has 8 drawers and plenty of room. I held off painting it but I really like the green right now. I compiled some yellows, oranges, creams and bronzes along with some pops of white to make a 1930's spring/summery look.

I love pairing old and new, shiny and scuffed. The jewelry box was hand carved for me by my sweet grandfather and it says "Lynn" on the front. The canvas was 3 bucks at Big Lots and I decoupaged the butterfly drawing from a calender of mine...I love cheap and easy!

The lamp was 2 dollars from Goodwill, the lamp shade was 17 dollars from Walmart. The little bird was half price at Michael's (2.50 I think) a couple months ago. The flowers are fake, but I love them and the soda bottle is Fentemans...I should get a link to them...yummy stuff! Go look around your house and rearrange something, its a lot of fun!

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