Thursday, June 3, 2010

navy time

Ok, this pics are not sized adequately, what's new? Anyway, the following is from Urban Outfitters, I've had my eye set on it for a while now. I really love navy blue, its even better that its velvet! Price is a tad hefty($550)...

I love Ikats, not a huge fan of the lines of this chair but the fabric is great. Maybe Calico Corners has something affordable in stock. A yard or two would do the trick! (Urban Outfitters)

Thomas Paul has a collection of plates with a nautical theme and a lovely hue! Anthro has some nautical plates as well...the hubby likes these, maybe he can be persuaded:-)...

My new entryway table will be posted just as soon as I can slap on another coat of paint, the humidity does me no favors!

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