Monday, March 1, 2010

coming soon...

My kitchen is in desperate need of curtains. I was up early this morning planning them out so please forgive my photography, its a bit dark and messy! I have some cotton toile and it goes with some placemats my mother-in-law had made me and also a basket liner and tea cozy my own mother made for me. I am being sidetracked by my lost thread...more on this later...

This sort of thing drives me nuts, half finished paint jobs! We took the heavy swinging door off its hinge and there is an unfinished spot on the floor. This does not bother me so much as our floors are in need of a refinish. That is the doorway between the kitchen and diningroom.

This an after and before, as you can see! Small victories- I touched this up this morning. This is in our very small downstairs hallway and directly below the telephone nook that the West Elm egg is currently perched on.

I love making progress, but there are so many little things to do around the house that it becomes overwhelming. I am trying to just focus on finishing one thing at a time.

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