Wednesday, November 10, 2010

before and after

I found a five dollar old yucky lamp at the thrift store a few weeks ago and wanted to make it over. It has a really nice shape but it was brassy and dated. I brought it home and Chris cringed and promptly dumped it down in the basement. On a very overcast and rainy day I decided to spray paint it an ivory color...I know, kind of boring! But I may make a wild shade for it later or repaint it, but in the meantime it looks pretty darn better! :-)

This is a pile of stuff I was putting together to see if it would work for the next house, so it is sort of styled but not how it will be when I decorate...just wanted to show everyone what 3 dollars worth of paint will do for a 5 dollar lamp!

Eight bucks ain't so bad for a new lamp!


  1. Nice! I have an ugly old brass lamp that came with our house. You've given me an idea for making better use of it. Thanks!