Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ikea excursion

On a whim yesterday, Chris and I headed to Ikea to find a cheap bed. Well, the one we decided on will have to wait as we had no room in the car to get it home. We did however pick up a couple items that were needed for this new house we are in.

This lamp above is something I've wanted for a while now. I am probably going to get another one for Chris' side of the bed...but this one is currently on a little table next to the couch! Its even better in person!
The chandelier above we got for the new bathroom. I wanted sort of a modern romantic bathroom this time around, especially since we now have a claw foot tub! The bathroom is in horrible will come soon as I am eager to start and finish that project!

I didn't get the honeycomb mirrors above, but how cool are they? I'd love to put these on an entire wall in the bathroom but its not going to happen...has anyone bought these? I'd love to see what someone does with them!

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