Thursday, May 20, 2010

excuses, excuses

It seems like I always have an excuse for not posting all the time. There is so much I want to post and yet I haven't been able to find the time! My Mom went through and is now recovering from major surgery and I am recovering from my own craziness. Yesterday, my soon to be sister-in-law, Jodi Miller (of Jodi Miller Photography), asked me to help her style a shoot. Its tomorrow and I have just about everything assembled. I can't wait to post some pictures of it. Maybe I'll post a little inspiration a little later.

In the meantime, look at these cool treehouses. Gosh, sometimes I wish I were a kid again and had a really cool fort. That was one of my favorite things growing up. Now I have a grown up fort, except its called a Cape Cod and it requires way more upkeep than any of my forts growing up. All these pics are courtesy of MSN and Peter Nelson.

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