Sunday, May 23, 2010


So here is a little teaser from the photo shoot I helped with last Friday. I was going to post my own photos of my inspiration but Jodi's photos are just so much more appealing. They are definitely worth the wait.

Jodi (from Jodi Miller Photography) asked me to help style some shoots and this is sort of the inspiration for the whole theme. Bride Heather totally cooperated with us coming up with an idea and seeing it to completion. We had no idea what style she was going for or what kind of dress she had. It was just a lot of flexibility on her part and a whole lot of nervous excitement on our part. All in all it turned out better than I even thought. However, Jodi and Kurt have just the right touch and a great eye, and all their photos turn out magical! Enjoy for now. I'll post more when Jodi does! In the meantime, check out Jodi's work at!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comments! We can't wait to do more shoots with you, I'm itching to post the pictures...but I need to finish up some other shoots. :)