Monday, May 10, 2010


I am finally finished with my classes for this semester! Things are up in the air for the fall semester as I have agreed yet again to move. Every other week we are like "lets do it, no wait."
I am really not looking forward to packing up and moving, I love living in beautiful, historic Staunton, VA. Its just that I hate being apart from Chris, he can't stand it either. I'd like to have more babies so moving now as opposed to later would be ideal. Us living apart is a huge expense that could be sent towards the abyss of debt we are trying to pay down. So it makes sense. I just hate that I think I found the home I want and we are no where near listing ours. I better get busy! In the meantime, LOOK at this flippin' rug! I love it. There is more about it on Apartment Therapy's blog...check it out.

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