Monday, May 24, 2010

freshen up

I saw this pic on, its cute right? Today I have a full plate! I have apile of packing AND cleaning to do. A little more than spring-cleaning must occur since we will be showing the house before long. I feel like it is terribly musty in here. Partly from all the rain I am sure, I need an adequate air-out!

My list to freshen up includes the following:
-wash the dog!
-scrub the floors
-vacuum out the couch
-wash some windows
-consolidate and go through all the papers, mail, etc around the house
-clean out all closets and reorganize
-clean out under crib, beds, furniture
-clean the fridge and scrub it out
-organize the junk on both porches so that they can be opened up and used

This weekend my husband and I are tackling the basement! We are going to have it professionally cleaned as we do get water in it from time to time and we have a stinky little kitty who sleeps down there. We will also have our vents cleaned and ducts cleaned up. That should help! Off I go to make some progress:)...wish me luck!

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