Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I am sorry for not updating this thing in a while. My hubby finally moved up to his new place and started his new job and I am finishing up my classes for this semester. I feel really out of the loop after going back to school after 6 years. Studying for finals is much different this time around. Especially since I have a little one who likes to get into everything I am working on!

So hopefully I am back. I also fixed the comments on this thing. Apparently some of you wanted to comment and it was not working. Hopefully there won't be any more issues with that.

The image above was taken by Marissa Nicole DeMott. Its the wedding cake I made for my father-in-law and his new bride! Not bad for a first cake, but I definitely need to improve! So much fun! It was a vanilla/almond cake with layers of homemade lemon curd on two of the tiers and homemade strawberry jam in the middle tier. It was covered in buttercream icing and topped off with fondant, fondant roses made by me and the hubby, and lace. It took a total of 8 and a half hours to make. Now I know why wedding cakes are so expensive!

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  1. It's a very beautiful cake! Definitely impressive, given that it was your first. It sounds delish too!